Many people in our day to day world, under estimated the power of drinking water and lemon, as many think it is just something fancy in a glass or maybe it adds a bit of colour to the colourless water. Well these  are some of the benefits of drinking water with lemon.

  1. Bumps up your Vitamin C  . Well since we all know that Vitamin C is not something the body makes , so we have to get it, into our bodies, and yes lemon happens to be one of the best. This particular fruit helps so much to keep flu and colds at bay for quite a long time. Drinking this daily  helps the body get a good amount of vitamin C.
  2. Helps trim a bit of pounds off the body. Yes l said it shade some pounds off. this is because lemon contains pectin a fibre found in fruits and helps to keep the body full for a long time therefore helping with losing “weight”.
  3. rejuvenates skin and helps heal the skin. Because of the fact that it has vitamin c which is essentially good for the skin. drinking lemon with water will help aid this. lemon helps to produce collagen which is good for smoothing out lines in the face.

Well their you have it, my top 3 reasons why just making a change with lemon in your water might be something so beneficial to your body on a day to day basis.

Their are various reasons but to me these are one of the best ones that l love for sure





Being a certain kind of colour mean you are prune to a lot of criticism and a lot of hate from people who don’t seem to get it. well  l am here to say to you the you are the most beautiful person in own skin and embrace it, love it, pose and smile each time someone says something negative about your skin. l  was a victim of being teased because l was too dark-skinned like in England they say you are too “blick” well look at me now i walk like l am covered in gold. just remember you are beautiful.





Hello beauties, welcome to my very first blog, My passion for beauty and fashion all started with my own mom (Elizabeth)  who always went out and bought me high end  fashion statements with the little she earned , because she loved the quality and the variety they had and wanted to see me look fabulous in her own way.. She always told me “Lucy try to look fashionable as a lady  and always look out for pieces that work well with your body” well l listened and went far and beyond to an extent of her telling me Lucy slow down the house is piling up with cloths. However, it was too late because I had already fallen in love with fashion and never was turning back.

The same happened with beauty  and makeup. As a girl growing up I never wore make up or cared for my skin, but my never ending mom was very kind enough to explain to me the basis of makeup right from foundation to lipstick yeah you heard me l had no idea at all. l literally nicked most of her make up even though we are not of the same colour complexion and yes she always found out throw my selfies.

I went on and bought my very first foundation which was Mac foundation and made me look orange, but l did not care because l knew i looked like a princess hahah. This all changed when l watched my very first makeup tutorial by Patricia Bright, l remember the excitement and the urge to go buy all the products she had mentioned in her you tube channel. l feel in love with the whole concept of what l can do with just a brush and a paste ( foundation). l experimented on my little brother who had no choice but let me use his face  as practice. l finally upgraded to do my moms own make up on occasional basis.

With all this said l am not a fashion guru neither  l am a beauty guru but a girl who is starting  from no were and trying to get somewhere. This is going to be my journey with you all because trust me sometimes l look like a clown drenched in makeup and wonder whether Halloween has come too early well this shows l am still learning.

When it comes to life style well this was sparked off by someone dear  to me how he  loves every thing natural and organic and with this l am learning about food and the body and l am yet to try and share this with you all due to the fact that l have to see results before l can tell the whole world about my discovers.

I am happy to start this blog which is the best way to talk more about me apart from the you tube videos l make which are usually short and don’t give  the chance to reply to all your questions and comments.




Hello LULU’S, this is my first ever personal blog which i am going to use to express my self in conjunction with my you tube channel that i tend to video my little self talking about what i love. I choose to starts a  Blog like this to write more about me and you guys can get a chance to know me more in a different perspective. please feel free to enjoy your reading time and feel free to browse the whole website and please share with friends who would like a little read from me.  as you get to know me through this journey.


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