This is  a topic that I have thought long hard before writing  . In  this day- to -day world we are caught up with so many important things like work , social life and commitments that we cannot get ourselves around. However, regardless of this we also want  to make sure that we are healthy and we are fit.  Recently I started a plan to help me stay healthy and keep fit and this is what I have discovered and think it can help you as well if your life is a busy one.



Before anything in the morning the first things to do is try and drink some water with lemon. I like to drink warm water with lemon because in winter it is so cold for me to take cold water. Drinking this water will help your body detox and give you a good start.

This is very easy to prepare and will not take up your time if u are in a  rush to go to work. you will only need water and some lemons.


Well are you wondering why I mentioned this? Yes this is one healthy way to help your health improve. We are  caught up with a a lot of things and forget to breath well.  Funny enough most of you will say I breath everyday or else I will die or be unconscious. what I mean by this is you have to “deep breath” that is  heavy inhaling and exhaling exercise for about 10 minutes.  Just like you do when you  have  done a long run this is a good way for busy people, because when you finish work breathing exercise is the best way to relive  stress because when you breath deeply it sends a message to your brain which  calms it down and relax. We all know when stressed we tend to deep into our bad habits to help us feel better,  which I must say makes our health even much more worse.  Deep breathing  will take you at least 10 minutes and you can increase this depending on the time you have got.


This one of the best ways to keep fit and relax. It creates a healthy mind and a healthy body.  It helps you loose weight in one way, but it only  on what Yoga exercises you are doing . Yoga helps to manage stress and anxiety and helps  to increase muscle strength and body tone as well as burning  calories. Make yours self  a ritual and do Yoga for at least 10 minutes and trust me this will help you so much . I have just started Yoga and I love it so far will see were it takes me, as studies and experienced people say it is the best way to keep your mind and body healthy.

When you finish work or any other busy schedule get your self  a MAT  and try  to do a yoga session which takes less than 10 minutes to start.  You can find all classes on YOUTUBE or an app called FIT.

Version 3


I know you are reading this and saying, I don’t have any time to go and run or your area were you live is not a a good a running, Well i have got you covered. you do not have to to go outside to express a running session, you can do  high thing leg movement and running in a one place without moving. This will help your body keep fit and make you feel great especially when you have just woken up in the morning as a busy person this will take you about 10 minutes while using your timer . It will give you a good start.  This helps you burn some calories and keep your body fit.



As a busy person I  bet you always rely on bad eating habits because, one they are convenient and easy accessible.  This may be one of things that is keeping your health on a down hill. The first thing you need to understand is that junk food and unhealthy foods is not going to make you feel any better at all and as a busy person it is going to make you feel more stressed. Make a list and understand what are  the , most unhealthy  foods you seem to reach out for  and try to swap that with something as delicious as that  bad eating habit food. This will slowly enable you to drift to the more good eating habits. it may mean that you have to make some pre cooked meals at home and don’t forget to include some salads and fruits for desert, cut out the bad habit of  drinking coffee and excess tea while replacing that with some water.


This will keep your body healthy and you  will feel good as well at the end of the week. because as a busy person it is hard to keep track.

As mentioned these five are some of the ways  to help you  feeling healthy and fit. One major thing is that, this all starts with you being busy does not mean loosing track on your health. Make little notes and good habits knowing at the back of your mind you are a busy person and need to keep track with your self. I will recommend an App called FIT ( IT IS FREE) it gives you work out ideas a for  little  less than 16 minutes and the good thing about this app is that, it customs to your goal and your fitness  mission with great meal ideas after your workout.








Yes yet another you tuber with a another collobartion collaborating with big makeup company. So on Wednesday 13th September @sophiedoesmynails  just managed to launch her makeup palette. My first question was does this work  for dark skin girls out their. So i went ahead and I bought myself this palette to try it out . Sophie talked about her palette being a christmas palette as well so yeah that got me a bit excited.

So this is a combination of both matte and shimmer  shadows. The matte palettes are not the best of pigmentations but you have to build them up to get the pigment

My main focus is all about the shadows whether they work together, and I must say they do. I  did a video on this palette and I must say these eyeshadows work on dark skin without using any concealer to help them pop like other famous eyeshadow pallets  that I know out their.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

With this palett I used my Mikasa  Beauty Brushes of which you can get them if you use the link below you get 25% off.  Use the code THELUCY25. I did not use any setting spray or concealer just a  brush and the shadows and came out with a pinky look of course using STRAWBERRY SWEETS  shadow. as my main shadow. please  watch the video to learn how I  achieved the look . The swatches will be shown in the video as well.


  1. They are easy to blend the shimmers are so shimmery and the mattes they do their matte thing
  2. They work well with dark skin tones
  3. little or not fall out at all
  4. Inexpensive it cost £10
  5.  Diversity of the palette is amazinG

This palette can be bought at TAM beauty which ships world wide . And in the UK if you  walk into SUPERDRUG you can be able to find them.

I can now recommend this amazing palette by makeup revolution to my dark skin girls.







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Well before I start I am so sorry that I have been so unavailable because it is sometimes hard to keep up with everything that is going on and the fact that being a Youtuber and a Blogger at the same time, this has made me realise how much effort all the Youtubers and bloggers put it to make all this work. I am sorry once again sorry but I hope you understand.

Okay now let’s move to the most important reason you are reading it this Blog. Most of us have heard about the New makeup collection by Rihanna called Fenty Beauty. Her make up collection has stormed the internet and is popping. Out of her whole makeup collection which consists of foundations of up to 40 shades wooow, to concealer sticks, highlighters , one lipgloss , powder and much more to mention. I was more interested in the foundation which I went a long and bought. The shade I bought is 490 and I have managed to try it on in my Youtuber video.

Click the link to my video on Fenty beauty Video


The Foundation claims to be  in their own words  Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation gives skin an instantly smooth, pore-diffused, shine-free finish that easily builds to medium to full coverage. The oil-free formula is made with climate-adaptive technology that’s resistant to sweat and humidity, and won’t clog pores so that wherever you are, it’s going to work on your skin. Best of all, this longwearing, light-as-air texture is undetectable on skin — so you always look like you.FullSizeRender 5


Okay as you have heard it from the Horse’ mouth let me tell you what I think. when i opened the foundation bottle  it really looked so super cool and had that frosty look which is so amazing. However, I was little bit disappointed by the top ( cover) which was plastic and the quality was not the best ever just my opnion.

lets move to the actual foundation

  1. it was really runny

FullSizeRender 4

  1. It is  matte but not too over powering when applied to the skin
  2. it looks so supper light in the bottle but blends in so well with the skin as it is darker in the bottle lets say matched the skin well.
  3. It is for sure a light coverage you have to keep building it up it achieve a full coverage look.
  4. It is not my idle foundation reason being it is matte and i prefer a more glossy finish to the look if you get what  I am saying.
  5. It only costs £26 which is super affordable and it is high end but drug store affordable i hope you get what I mean.

FullSizeRender 6

Anyway over all if you are matte girl then this foundation is the best one for you for sure with no doubt.

This is what i think about this foundation , everyone is  talking about it and I like this because it accounts for all shades of colours (races). I believe their is room for improvement with new beauty trend by Rihanna.

Please let me know what you think about this foundation by leaving a comment





So of recent for some reason I have been watching and reading about transitioning  from summer to Autumn. well then I said to ,myself what exactly do they mean  by transitioning, well as for me I found out that what they mean is wearing cloths  that you would wear in summer and Autumn at the same time without looking odd at all. Because of the weather change we try to think it’s time to do new shopping.

Now you may be wondering how can you wear something both in summer and winter without people around you, looking so suspicious with the look of what are you wearing.

Changing your entire wardrobe is not an easy feeling. And this would cost you money and time.

Well as for me I managed to put down just a simple outfit that you can easily wear in summer and Autumn.

1. Get a top that is a bit thick in texture and does not get you too cold when you wear a jacket you can easily get warm. The same top should be comfortable for summer the best example would be a bandage top with a little bit of skin showing for a more flattering look. 63653D33-8CE9-4966-842D-A64D92DBC2F0.jpg

2. Secondly, wear trousers that you can easily wear in summer and Autumn like for me I would prefer to wear ripped jeans because they are two in a one and I love a little bit of skin showing.

3. Now the shoes. A good pair of boots to keep your feet warm as you know Autumn is not a warm period. My best pair of boots would be from Public desire they have the best boots online.


Shoes : knee high boots by Public desire

Top: Bandage top by Boo

Bottom: Top shop ripped jeans

Accessories: Belt from Primark

4. The best accessories for me would be a good belt to put the whole look together.

This is my simple transition period just I managed to put together.

As you can all see I am not perfect at this but I try .

Let me know what you think about this transition and don’t forget to follow this page and share it as well.

Leave a comment and let me know


THE BEST 5 DRUGSTORE LIPSTICKS 💄 ( collaboration with Jenny in real life )


The most Amazing reached out for drug store lipsticks. 

Before we start I would like to say that this is in collobartion  with one amazing youtuber called Jenny in real life . Check out her chann l,  I will put down a link to her to her channel so you can check it out as well.

First of all Iam going to apologise for my absence in not blogging for a long time due to the fact that I have not been well and not yet well. However, this will not stop me from going ahead and taking about my most used lipsticks.

For everylipstick that I will mention here is a not more than £8  they are quite on a more affordable side. Some of these lipsticks have been in my closet for quite a long time and I reach out for them a lot now days. Enough with rambling, eta jump right into lipstick number one.


This lipstick is a pale pink glossy lipstick. I love the formulae of the lipstick and the smell to it is amazing too. The only things with lipstick is that it appear s so pale on my skin tone so I pair it with a dark lipgloss to give it that nice look to blend with my skin tone as well  t is sold in places like Boots and Superdrug under the Rimmel London collection. This lipstick is one of the last amazing ones out their if you are a pink girl .


IMG_2668.JPGSwatch on my hand

2. REVLON LIPSTICKS ( cocolious and mink )

These two lipsticks are amazing because of the fact that they are not mattefying and they keep your lips looking glossy and healthy , of course they are not of the same colour. Mink is a go to nude lipstick for any lady that is dark skinned it blends in so well and no need for a gloss at all because of its creamy formula. This lipstick has been used as well by big names like Nikki Perkins who swears to this particular Mink lipstick as an option to a Mac lipstick in her latest YouTube Vidoe. It can work as an every day wear look and trust me When I say it is an amazing one. Now let’s talk about Cocolious , this particular lipstick is more of a dark brown lip stick I use it as a contour on some occasions, due to the fact that I like a glossy finish to my makeup rather than a matte finish so with, I can achieve this. When worn on the lips it appears dark and seems like almost nothing to the lips but glossy and a bit shinny as well. These two lipsticks don’t go more than £5 in any drug store here in the UK.


On the search the first one is the Mink and the second one is the Cocolious.


Okay if you are a beauty blogger , a youtuber and a makeup lover you have heard so much about this lip paint already and yes it is no secret I love it too. It smells amazing I am  someone who hates any kind of smell in my makeup but when it comes to this one I do give an exception. The only bad thing with this lip paint is that it is too pale and when not applied well it can look ashy first you need a very good lip pencil and you can make it work. The formula for me is not the best but looks good on. I love it . It  is more of a pale pink on the lips and not too vibrant. I think it retails for about £ 7 not so sure don’t quote me on that. But I love it . They have other lip paints that are amazing check them out, the whole range and see what works for you.



NYX LIP LINGERIE ( beauty mark )

I don’t have so much to say about this Drug store lip stick but awesome it is amazing. It brown and matte when applied to the lips it comes up glossy but dries matte. When applied to the lips as a dark skin girl you don’t seem to see anything on your lips because it blends in so much and looks almost nothing on the lips. I wear this lipstick everyday to work and when I say I love it I mean it this time.  The application is so small on too big but it is lovely as well and applies so well. I think it cost about £ 7 in the any drug store here and this lip stick will get u all the questions on the street.



Now they always say”  save the best for last” This is my secret non nude lipstick. It is a more of a deep red and amazingly on the lips I love this. The formula is great,  it is not easy to come off the lips you must use good ingredients to take it off. When I want to look glam I always go for this lipstick it gives me that extra feeling that makes me feel like a super star for sure I won’t lie . 😂😂😂😂  I have had it for a long time and I won’t be saying bye to it yet because girl it so amazing. It comes in a plastic tube were you can easily see the product, the application is amazing as well.  It is matte as well and so freaking amazing.


The lip stick on the lips

Now their you have it my top 5 drug store lipsticks that do the job for me everyday.

Please comment and tell me what are your best drug store lipsticks so far .

Dont forget to check out my youtube channel at LuLu A  and my Instagram.  




Before we start please check out my you tube video on this mascara.



Okay so I know most of you are wondering is their something like the world’s best mascara. Yes I am here to tell you that I finally landed on one. I saw this particular mascara through instagram and you tube videos by you tubers, bloggers, and influencers.

Now I know what you are thinking that  these you tubers ( Patricia bright, Lydia millen ) they are marketing  the brand  or on the PR list or ambassadors of the brand. yes to be honest they are and I  thought so as well, but to my surprise this mascara was everything that they talked about and the hype is legit.

Now the next thing on your mind is what mascara  I am I talking about well let me just tell you its the LOREAL PARIS EXTATIC PARADISE MASCARA  yes people is a drug store mascara. If you watch my videos on you tube you will know that my best mascara is from Rimmel London and it does the work for me for sure . However, after trying this mascara I feel like I have finally found one.


  1. The packaging of the mascara is great it comes in a rose gold package that we all know that everyone is now all about rose gold and the actual mascara has the goldie roes gold effect if I may say.
  2. IMG_2589.JPG

As you can see the packaging is so amazing for sure and its so catchy .

3.The brittles of the brush are so soft and amazing when you apply them on the eye.


4 This mascara gets you from 0 to 100 with just one application.  what more would you want from a mascara that does all this for you.


5. I do not  have any issues with the transfer at all because, it is not permanent.

6. They are very light weight once you apply on the eyes, so you  do not feel heavy on the eyes at all.

7. this mascara is lengthening and volumising which gives a great pop to the eyes .



8. the price is so affordable its cost about £9.99 in the UK.

This mascara as been said to be a dupe of the new Becca Cosmetics mascara as the similarities are almost close to each other.

for a drug store mascara thus is is amazing for sure. this is a dish all the false lashes and go for a more natural look with this one.











Well lets all say that some of us are  a little bit over it with the cool toned naked palettes. But for me  I am just getting started. Recently  to bought another naked palettes. The one thing that always draws me to them is the pigmentation that is amazing as a woman of colour.  though i must say they are a little bit pricey lets say £39 for a pallet.

This has come to me as someone who loves the Morphe palettes ( which are about £22  quiet a reasonable price)  this comes with experience after owning the 35W Morphe pallet, I love the way the pallet looks and the colours make me feel so excited. However, I I must say that the pigmentation is not so strong on my skin and it doesn’t show up on my eye lids when applied. I bought this pallet because of the hype by Youtubers, Instagram and  Bloggers favourite pallet but to my surprise it is not the greatest I must say however, it is nice and blendable.

Enough with the Morphe palettes let’s go back to the Naked Heat Pallet. When this palette came out I saw a lot of Youtubers talking about it and how they think it is not the best . But there are some good reviews and nice tutorials that are far more amazing.

The new Naked Heat Pallets smells of fire and looks like fire this is a combination of both matte and shimmers,  so you have  all of them in one  12 shade complete palette which to me seems amazing I love this idea.


This pallet just on the eye  looks so amazing, the formula is so amazing and I love every thing about it. However, the only thing I  would change about this palette are the first two colours that is OUNCE,& CHASER. These two shades are way too shy on my skin and would make me look like, a newly baked cake with unfinished touches. But Dam this is a can’t live without palette for sure from mattes to shimmers and the red-brown under tones makes this so hot for this summer even though they are neutrals they make everything about them special. With these shades you can create a day time look and also a night-time look at the same time. This pallet looks great on every skin tone I did a swatch on my hand and it turned out great. I have not seen any fall out from this palette as it contains one of the major ingredients Talc.

This is a swatch I did on my hand to show you how, and why I love this palette.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

As you can see the swatches looked good on my skin and the ashness is from  the two shadows.

I would highly recommend everyone to go get yourself one of these even though they are a little bit pricey but worth it. You can get them from your nearest drug store in the UK and in the USA i would say department store.

Tell me if any of you have done any swatches in store or have bought this palettes.





Wearing heels everyday is not a thing that appeals to anyone based on various reasons. some girls feel the need to only wear heels when they are going out on special occasions and to me this seems like  waste to the importance of heels.

The reason as to why I decided to bring up this topic was because I was faced with a situation were I had to wear heels for three days straight and  did not have enough money to spend around buying another pair of shoes. So I had no choice  but to walk around London with these particular  High heel shoes.

Well I learnt so much and I experienced so much wearing heels for three days straight, and touring around London to see places without getting on the bus at any point. This was bloody exhausting but let  me tell you something i did not feel any pain or discomfort at all. This  is what I learnt from the picture above I took  in Camden Town on day 3 of my trip. Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

  1. If you wish to wear heels daily the first thing to consider is the; type of heel well from what  I  know there  are chunky heels , pumps, wedges, cone heels and so much more . So when choosing a heel make sure you choose the heel that holds firmly to ground and does not “wamble” as you walk. Not matter the heel if u feel it holds then yes it is the right shoes.
  2. Choose comfort over style. Okay when I choose these particular heels as you can see they are not the fanciest, nor are they the best looking sandals but one thing I  can say is the are damn comfortable.
  3. Choose the right size with a little bit of room left. I for one always bought shoes that fit to my size exactly,  but after some time I learnt that some shoes need a bit pf room to let air   go through  and reduce the pressure , cool down the so cold “pain”.
  4. When wearing heels mind your step, avoid areas that will make the heel of your shoe sink and drown rather than floating whilst walking with confidence.
  5. Before you buy any heels practice in the store,  walk around as much as you can and see if they are sustainable.
  6. One weird tip is that walk with confidence and try not to think about the pain you might be feeling and keep walking. I know it  sounds weird but yes this works as well, trust me
  7. The last tip is make sure you message your fit at the end of the day to allow your feet to relax and calm down from the long day, so that you have more energy to walk again like a pro.

Well those are my tips and ways you can wear heels everyday with confidence from an experience that I think will  try again.

if you have got any tips please feel free to comment and let me know .



This may come to you as a bit of a shock or a surprise but it is possible to afford big end make up / products  as a  student. A a lot of students worry too much about their pockets and how they can afford high-end makeup. Well as a student I know the struggle is real for sure and  at some point in my life I thought that Primark was the only way to survive.  When you go to University you feel the need to upgrade to more makeup products of high-end due to their popularity, at the time and it can be a little bit of a struggle when your bank account is crying out loud for a refill. My first ever high end makeup at the time was the Mac foundation ohh gosh the feeling of having this made me feel the want to go and tell the world that I had this particular foundation , yes people I was proud of this achievement of wearing my first high end product.  Till now I meet a lot of students like me who say that thinking about high end makeup is like a dream come true as they are on a tight budget. Well my dearest friends I can tell you it is possible to afford really good high quality, high price makeup on a budget and this is how you can do it.

  1. First ask your self, it is worth it to buy these particular You Tube, Blogger, Influencers sort-after makeup brands or it is just some sort of paid advertisement, PR stuff or you can find comfort in just normal drug store make up products which can be really good surprisingly.
  2. List down the high-end products that you wish to buy and make sure you do some research before you actually commit to throwing our money away.
  3. Make sure you understand what can be bought as a high-end product. for example buying a 20 pound mascara like seriously no no no you can get this from the drug store at a very good price like 5 pounds and save yourself 15 for something better.
  4. List a budget on how much these products will you and know what is more important to have now. ( will explain in the next bullet point what I mean about this statement)
  5. Priotise the most important things first and with what is left, you can easily walk into a store and treat your soul.
  6.  Think smart. This is a trick, buy these products on a monthly basis for example you love  Laura Mercier Foundation, Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, Urban decay naked palate and you wish to have them all,  these can be a bit too expensive to purchase at once yes some of you may say,  student finance is the solution once it drops in i drop down to the store, well this can a good thing and a bad thing at the same time putting into consideration your budget. So I would recommend make a list of what product you want to buy at the end of  each month ( split them I hope that makes sense for example you list by the end of July I would like to have the LAURE MERCIER FOUNDATION , then by the end of August you can buy the CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIPSTICK , by the time you know it you have collected a lot of these high-end products
  7. Check for bargain website to buy these products at a discounted price I am not saying go to eBay because we all know how the story ends. I have a number of websites that I feel are good with bargains like FEEL UNIQUE.COM, BEAUTYBAY, CULTBEAUTY  these are some of the best  websites makeup and beauty deals as they can as well give massive sales that can easy give you a chance to grab some of these products at a very low price.
  8. Make use of the student discount. This is the best deal you can every have a student and make good use out of it as much as you can .
  9. Give yourself a good treat and believe that you too you deserve something good.
  10. ohh and one more Dupes is another way some students survive, because they are cheap and the closet thing to  the real products but however, just me personally i would not recommend this because of the quality and the formula which can be damaging to the skin.

Well there you have it , these are the ways I was able to afford high-end products makeup just by following these simple steps. There are a lot more out their but please feel free to share how you do it as student or just a normal person on a tight budget.






Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetWHY I STARTED YOU TUBE

well this is a question that everyone asks me and i am like ahhhhhhh. but then i sat down and thought of why i started a youtube channel. Well it might  have started with my brother buying me my first camera and giving me boost. These are some of the reasons in the shortest way possible why i started a you tube channel.

  1. I am very shy person in general until I get comfortable and doing you tube was a way I could maybe possibly over come this.
  2. I am not good at making friends, if i try I always land on the wrong ones, so I decided from now on I am going to try to see if I can meet friends who share the same passion with me,  yes sounds funny.
  3. I have trouble expressing my self to people  in general around me, yet I would love to  share  with lots of people  so I  said to myself  why not start making videos so I can express what I would like to say to a bigger crowd out their who need this information the I am keeping to myself
  4. I like to help people a lot in the best way I can and I know from experience their are a lot of girls/ boys out their who search for particular niche details like dark skinned makeup, eye brow tutorial and everything about black makeup and fashion. A lot of people out their struggle a lot to find what fits for them so i decided yes this is the right way to give a helping hand.
  5. I  wanted to challenge myself in a way that I never thought I would and yes I am trying.
  6. I love a good challenge so this is a challenge that I am willing to over come.
  7. YOU TUBE  is an amazing platform for lots of people out their who have trouble with personalities and who you because this platform enables you be you in the best way possible. however, this can be a down fall because of all the negativity out their.
  8. I love talking about stuff yes I do and yes my camera enables me do this
  9. I had a burning desire to do something that aim a passionate about rather than just education because it was not a choice but a right and a command right from child hood i did nit get a chance to say this is what I would like to do with my life.
  10. I am terrible with makeup so I want to document a journey from 0 to 100 of much you can be better jut with hard work and determination.

Well these are the top reasons why i started a YOUTUBE  channel just in summary but if  you want a full blog please let me.

Their are a lot of challenges as well its not as sweet as I have made it sound. will have a blog about it.






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