YOU might have clicked on this wondering what the hell is she talking about. Well this  is  about lifestyle and how we live our life on a day-to-day basis. A lifestyle comprises of habits that we choose to incorporate within our own lives. It is a choice which we choose to make in life. If you want to eat unhealthy it is a choice, if you want to drink alcohol it is choice, if you want to stay up all night it is a choice unless there are circumstances beyond us that we cannot avoid in life. We tend to lean back and give excuses on why we are doing certain things but in actual since we are just too lazy as people to actually do stuff and make that big change in life that we hope to have.

What we choose to do is our LIFE and how we put it together is our STYLE  therefore a LIFESTYLE. With all this said I would like to say choose what you would like your life style to be now, and in the future and how it will affect the immediate people around you, like family, friends, neighbours  and so much more like the environment.  BUT ALL IN ALL BE YOURSELF AND CHOOSE WHAT S RIGHT FOR YOU. cropped-person-smartphone-office-table.jpeg

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