So of recent for some reason I have been watching and reading about transitioning  from summer to Autumn. well then I said to ,myself what exactly do they mean  by transitioning, well as for me I found out that what they mean is wearing cloths  that you would wear in summer and Autumn at the same time without looking odd at all. Because of the weather change we try to think it’s time to do new shopping.

Now you may be wondering how can you wear something both in summer and winter without people around you, looking so suspicious with the look of what are you wearing.

Changing your entire wardrobe is not an easy feeling. And this would cost you money and time.

Well as for me I managed to put down just a simple outfit that you can easily wear in summer and Autumn.

1. Get a top that is a bit thick in texture and does not get you too cold when you wear a jacket you can easily get warm. The same top should be comfortable for summer the best example would be a bandage top with a little bit of skin showing for a more flattering look. 63653D33-8CE9-4966-842D-A64D92DBC2F0.jpg

2. Secondly, wear trousers that you can easily wear in summer and Autumn like for me I would prefer to wear ripped jeans because they are two in a one and I love a little bit of skin showing.

3. Now the shoes. A good pair of boots to keep your feet warm as you know Autumn is not a warm period. My best pair of boots would be from Public desire they have the best boots online.


Shoes : knee high boots by Public desire

Top: Bandage top by Boo

Bottom: Top shop ripped jeans

Accessories: Belt from Primark

4. The best accessories for me would be a good belt to put the whole look together.

This is my simple transition period just I managed to put together.

As you can all see I am not perfect at this but I try .

Let me know what you think about this transition and don’t forget to follow this page and share it as well.

Leave a comment and let me know


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