THE BEST 5 DRUGSTORE LIPSTICKS 💄 ( collaboration with Jenny in real life )


The most Amazing reached out for drug store lipsticks. 

Before we start I would like to say that this is in collobartion  with one amazing youtuber called Jenny in real life . Check out her chann l,  I will put down a link to her to her channel so you can check it out as well.

First of all Iam going to apologise for my absence in not blogging for a long time due to the fact that I have not been well and not yet well. However, this will not stop me from going ahead and taking about my most used lipsticks.

For everylipstick that I will mention here is a not more than £8  they are quite on a more affordable side. Some of these lipsticks have been in my closet for quite a long time and I reach out for them a lot now days. Enough with rambling, eta jump right into lipstick number one.


This lipstick is a pale pink glossy lipstick. I love the formulae of the lipstick and the smell to it is amazing too. The only things with lipstick is that it appear s so pale on my skin tone so I pair it with a dark lipgloss to give it that nice look to blend with my skin tone as well  t is sold in places like Boots and Superdrug under the Rimmel London collection. This lipstick is one of the last amazing ones out their if you are a pink girl .


IMG_2668.JPGSwatch on my hand

2. REVLON LIPSTICKS ( cocolious and mink )

These two lipsticks are amazing because of the fact that they are not mattefying and they keep your lips looking glossy and healthy , of course they are not of the same colour. Mink is a go to nude lipstick for any lady that is dark skinned it blends in so well and no need for a gloss at all because of its creamy formula. This lipstick has been used as well by big names like Nikki Perkins who swears to this particular Mink lipstick as an option to a Mac lipstick in her latest YouTube Vidoe. It can work as an every day wear look and trust me When I say it is an amazing one. Now let’s talk about Cocolious , this particular lipstick is more of a dark brown lip stick I use it as a contour on some occasions, due to the fact that I like a glossy finish to my makeup rather than a matte finish so with, I can achieve this. When worn on the lips it appears dark and seems like almost nothing to the lips but glossy and a bit shinny as well. These two lipsticks don’t go more than £5 in any drug store here in the UK.


On the search the first one is the Mink and the second one is the Cocolious.


Okay if you are a beauty blogger , a youtuber and a makeup lover you have heard so much about this lip paint already and yes it is no secret I love it too. It smells amazing I am  someone who hates any kind of smell in my makeup but when it comes to this one I do give an exception. The only bad thing with this lip paint is that it is too pale and when not applied well it can look ashy first you need a very good lip pencil and you can make it work. The formula for me is not the best but looks good on. I love it . It  is more of a pale pink on the lips and not too vibrant. I think it retails for about £ 7 not so sure don’t quote me on that. But I love it . They have other lip paints that are amazing check them out, the whole range and see what works for you.



NYX LIP LINGERIE ( beauty mark )

I don’t have so much to say about this Drug store lip stick but awesome it is amazing. It brown and matte when applied to the lips it comes up glossy but dries matte. When applied to the lips as a dark skin girl you don’t seem to see anything on your lips because it blends in so much and looks almost nothing on the lips. I wear this lipstick everyday to work and when I say I love it I mean it this time.  The application is so small on too big but it is lovely as well and applies so well. I think it cost about £ 7 in the any drug store here and this lip stick will get u all the questions on the street.



Now they always say”  save the best for last” This is my secret non nude lipstick. It is a more of a deep red and amazingly on the lips I love this. The formula is great,  it is not easy to come off the lips you must use good ingredients to take it off. When I want to look glam I always go for this lipstick it gives me that extra feeling that makes me feel like a super star for sure I won’t lie . 😂😂😂😂  I have had it for a long time and I won’t be saying bye to it yet because girl it so amazing. It comes in a plastic tube were you can easily see the product, the application is amazing as well.  It is matte as well and so freaking amazing.


The lip stick on the lips

Now their you have it my top 5 drug store lipsticks that do the job for me everyday.

Please comment and tell me what are your best drug store lipsticks so far .

Dont forget to check out my youtube channel at LuLu A  and my Instagram.  

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