Well lets all say that some of us are  a little bit over it with the cool toned naked palettes. But for me  I am just getting started. Recently  to bought another naked palettes. The one thing that always draws me to them is the pigmentation that is amazing as a woman of colour.  though i must say they are a little bit pricey lets say £39 for a pallet.

This has come to me as someone who loves the Morphe palettes ( which are about £22  quiet a reasonable price)  this comes with experience after owning the 35W Morphe pallet, I love the way the pallet looks and the colours make me feel so excited. However, I I must say that the pigmentation is not so strong on my skin and it doesn’t show up on my eye lids when applied. I bought this pallet because of the hype by Youtubers, Instagram and  Bloggers favourite pallet but to my surprise it is not the greatest I must say however, it is nice and blendable.

Enough with the Morphe palettes let’s go back to the Naked Heat Pallet. When this palette came out I saw a lot of Youtubers talking about it and how they think it is not the best . But there are some good reviews and nice tutorials that are far more amazing.

The new Naked Heat Pallets smells of fire and looks like fire this is a combination of both matte and shimmers,  so you have  all of them in one  12 shade complete palette which to me seems amazing I love this idea.


This pallet just on the eye  looks so amazing, the formula is so amazing and I love every thing about it. However, the only thing I  would change about this palette are the first two colours that is OUNCE,& CHASER. These two shades are way too shy on my skin and would make me look like, a newly baked cake with unfinished touches. But Dam this is a can’t live without palette for sure from mattes to shimmers and the red-brown under tones makes this so hot for this summer even though they are neutrals they make everything about them special. With these shades you can create a day time look and also a night-time look at the same time. This pallet looks great on every skin tone I did a swatch on my hand and it turned out great. I have not seen any fall out from this palette as it contains one of the major ingredients Talc.

This is a swatch I did on my hand to show you how, and why I love this palette.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

As you can see the swatches looked good on my skin and the ashness is from  the two shadows.

I would highly recommend everyone to go get yourself one of these even though they are a little bit pricey but worth it. You can get them from your nearest drug store in the UK and in the USA i would say department store.

Tell me if any of you have done any swatches in store or have bought this palettes.




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