Wearing heels everyday is not a thing that appeals to anyone based on various reasons. some girls feel the need to only wear heels when they are going out on special occasions and to me this seems like  waste to the importance of heels.

The reason as to why I decided to bring up this topic was because I was faced with a situation were I had to wear heels for three days straight and  did not have enough money to spend around buying another pair of shoes. So I had no choice  but to walk around London with these particular  High heel shoes.

Well I learnt so much and I experienced so much wearing heels for three days straight, and touring around London to see places without getting on the bus at any point. This was bloody exhausting but let  me tell you something i did not feel any pain or discomfort at all. This  is what I learnt from the picture above I took  in Camden Town on day 3 of my trip. Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

  1. If you wish to wear heels daily the first thing to consider is the; type of heel well from what  I  know there  are chunky heels , pumps, wedges, cone heels and so much more . So when choosing a heel make sure you choose the heel that holds firmly to ground and does not “wamble” as you walk. Not matter the heel if u feel it holds then yes it is the right shoes.
  2. Choose comfort over style. Okay when I choose these particular heels as you can see they are not the fanciest, nor are they the best looking sandals but one thing I  can say is the are damn comfortable.
  3. Choose the right size with a little bit of room left. I for one always bought shoes that fit to my size exactly,  but after some time I learnt that some shoes need a bit pf room to let air   go through  and reduce the pressure , cool down the so cold “pain”.
  4. When wearing heels mind your step, avoid areas that will make the heel of your shoe sink and drown rather than floating whilst walking with confidence.
  5. Before you buy any heels practice in the store,  walk around as much as you can and see if they are sustainable.
  6. One weird tip is that walk with confidence and try not to think about the pain you might be feeling and keep walking. I know it  sounds weird but yes this works as well, trust me
  7. The last tip is make sure you message your fit at the end of the day to allow your feet to relax and calm down from the long day, so that you have more energy to walk again like a pro.

Well those are my tips and ways you can wear heels everyday with confidence from an experience that I think will  try again.

if you have got any tips please feel free to comment and let me know .

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