This may come to you as a bit of a shock or a surprise but it is possible to afford big end make up / products  as a  student. A a lot of students worry too much about their pockets and how they can afford high-end makeup. Well as a student I know the struggle is real for sure and  at some point in my life I thought that Primark was the only way to survive.  When you go to University you feel the need to upgrade to more makeup products of high-end due to their popularity, at the time and it can be a little bit of a struggle when your bank account is crying out loud for a refill. My first ever high end makeup at the time was the Mac foundation ohh gosh the feeling of having this made me feel the want to go and tell the world that I had this particular foundation , yes people I was proud of this achievement of wearing my first high end product.  Till now I meet a lot of students like me who say that thinking about high end makeup is like a dream come true as they are on a tight budget. Well my dearest friends I can tell you it is possible to afford really good high quality, high price makeup on a budget and this is how you can do it.

  1. First ask your self, it is worth it to buy these particular You Tube, Blogger, Influencers sort-after makeup brands or it is just some sort of paid advertisement, PR stuff or you can find comfort in just normal drug store make up products which can be really good surprisingly.
  2. List down the high-end products that you wish to buy and make sure you do some research before you actually commit to throwing our money away.
  3. Make sure you understand what can be bought as a high-end product. for example buying a 20 pound mascara like seriously no no no you can get this from the drug store at a very good price like 5 pounds and save yourself 15 for something better.
  4. List a budget on how much these products will you and know what is more important to have now. ( will explain in the next bullet point what I mean about this statement)
  5. Priotise the most important things first and with what is left, you can easily walk into a store and treat your soul.
  6.  Think smart. This is a trick, buy these products on a monthly basis for example you love  Laura Mercier Foundation, Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, Urban decay naked palate and you wish to have them all,  these can be a bit too expensive to purchase at once yes some of you may say,  student finance is the solution once it drops in i drop down to the store, well this can a good thing and a bad thing at the same time putting into consideration your budget. So I would recommend make a list of what product you want to buy at the end of  each month ( split them I hope that makes sense for example you list by the end of July I would like to have the LAURE MERCIER FOUNDATION , then by the end of August you can buy the CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIPSTICK , by the time you know it you have collected a lot of these high-end products
  7. Check for bargain website to buy these products at a discounted price I am not saying go to eBay because we all know how the story ends. I have a number of websites that I feel are good with bargains like FEEL UNIQUE.COM, BEAUTYBAY, CULTBEAUTY  these are some of the best  websites makeup and beauty deals as they can as well give massive sales that can easy give you a chance to grab some of these products at a very low price.
  8. Make use of the student discount. This is the best deal you can every have a student and make good use out of it as much as you can .
  9. Give yourself a good treat and believe that you too you deserve something good.
  10. ohh and one more Dupes is another way some students survive, because they are cheap and the closet thing to  the real products but however, just me personally i would not recommend this because of the quality and the formula which can be damaging to the skin.

Well there you have it , these are the ways I was able to afford high-end products makeup just by following these simple steps. There are a lot more out their but please feel free to share how you do it as student or just a normal person on a tight budget.


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