Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetWHY I STARTED YOU TUBE

well this is a question that everyone asks me and i am like ahhhhhhh. but then i sat down and thought of why i started a youtube channel. Well it might  have started with my brother buying me my first camera and giving me boost. These are some of the reasons in the shortest way possible why i started a you tube channel.

  1. I am very shy person in general until I get comfortable and doing you tube was a way I could maybe possibly over come this.
  2. I am not good at making friends, if i try I always land on the wrong ones, so I decided from now on I am going to try to see if I can meet friends who share the same passion with me,  yes sounds funny.
  3. I have trouble expressing my self to people  in general around me, yet I would love to  share  with lots of people  so I  said to myself  why not start making videos so I can express what I would like to say to a bigger crowd out their who need this information the I am keeping to myself
  4. I like to help people a lot in the best way I can and I know from experience their are a lot of girls/ boys out their who search for particular niche details like dark skinned makeup, eye brow tutorial and everything about black makeup and fashion. A lot of people out their struggle a lot to find what fits for them so i decided yes this is the right way to give a helping hand.
  5. I  wanted to challenge myself in a way that I never thought I would and yes I am trying.
  6. I love a good challenge so this is a challenge that I am willing to over come.
  7. YOU TUBE  is an amazing platform for lots of people out their who have trouble with personalities and who you because this platform enables you be you in the best way possible. however, this can be a down fall because of all the negativity out their.
  8. I love talking about stuff yes I do and yes my camera enables me do this
  9. I had a burning desire to do something that aim a passionate about rather than just education because it was not a choice but a right and a command right from child hood i did nit get a chance to say this is what I would like to do with my life.
  10. I am terrible with makeup so I want to document a journey from 0 to 100 of much you can be better jut with hard work and determination.

Well these are the top reasons why i started a YOUTUBE  channel just in summary but if  you want a full blog please let me.

Their are a lot of challenges as well its not as sweet as I have made it sound. will have a blog about it.






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