So yes i know this is a late valentine post but its about 21;28 and this is when i realised that ohh no its valentines tomorrow need to resume some singles like me before the day . This post is for those who are single and think they cannot have a special valentine. Just to let you know you do not need someone to feel special. The feeling of being special comes from within, with or without a date.

I know some of you will be working but the things i am going to mention can be done on valentines at any time in the morning before work or in the evening after work.

1. Treat yourself
Okay we all need to be pampered especially on a special day like valentines but what happens if we haven’t got that someone to treat you in that special way.I believe this is where self love and self care come in. Self love and self care is important so to start with, get yourself some lovely flowers , secondly in the morning treat yourself to some healthy breakfast in bed.

2. Have a relaxing afternoon
as the day draws by in the afternoon make yourself a bath. Go get yourself a shower bomb and some sea salt. whilst doing this listen to your favourite podcast that calms you down enjoy the feeling of self love.

3. Watch your favourite movie and invite all your single girls
Later in the evening call up your girls or boys and have a night in watching your favourite movie. look for a funny one not a romantic one because watching a romantic movie will actually make you feel sad about your status haha. Have a laugh and appreciate the lovely company you have got with you. And while you are doing this, slip into your lovely comfortable pyjamas and relax.

4. skin treatment
Make yourself feel like a queen by treating your skin. You can start using your favourite mask, then put on that expensive moisturiser that i know you have kept somewhere for just important days , tomorrow is one of those days to use it haha. This will leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated and you will feel and look like a BILLION DOLLAR BABY.

So their you have it a mini Valentine Treat for yourself.
And remember you dont need someone to feel special , you are special already.


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