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So today I decide to make a video about makeup trends that need to die in 2018. most of these makeup trends have been suggested to me by friends and others are just a little bit personal. However, with that said, you are free to support any make up trend that you feel suit you best. These are the make up trends really that annoy me and I cannot stand them at all.

But  before we get to the topic, I would like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR to each single one of you.

Now back to the real stuff. the first make up trend that i hate the most is:

1. “claw  nails”. these nails are ridicoulsy long that they turn up to be a bit scary and i hate them . My question is how can you have personal care with such nails and how do you maintain them. This trend has to find its way back to were it came from. If you are a girl reading this and long nails are a thing for you just leave a comment down. I feel like we should take care of our selves but not in  a way that is so dramtic.



We all know this all started when kylie Jenner decide to apply lip fillers to her naturally God given lips and she sold lip kits. This gave young girls the impression that their lips have to look plump like kylie’s to have perfect lips . But because the majority of us cannot afford this we decide to look for cheaper affordable ways, and so the invention of “over lined lips ” with a lip liner. With  this I mean the outer bit of your lips   if that makes sense.  Many girls have gone ahead to falsify their lip shape and is a bit annoying. I am not a fun of it and i hope this would stop in 2018 as I have had it to the core.


Now with this trend i do not know were to start from because this is annoying a lot of us girls go around with lashes that feel like they are going to sweep the floor soon . They are supper annoying and frustrating to see and to wear. I do not particularly mind them so much but get bothered when  i see girls struggling with sleepy eyes because of the lashes. This trend must stop in 2018



This is now becoming a bit of a pain and frustration because this has been hyped up so much that it is becoming annoying on Instagram youtube and all that, these masks make me crazy seeing them rather than talking about the purpose many people use them because they are trending. I hope that everyone would just use them for their purpose than just their popularity.This rend has to be stopped or controlled.


When this trend dropped everyone took it upon themselves to kind of damage its reputation and destroy its purpose. If you do not know what the is, basically its just applying powderon your face before applying your foundation . Apparently this is supposed to control your oils and not make your foundation too cakey. But the trend has gone to another level , and `lot of beauty gurus make it seem like its the go to way. Anyway to cut the story short i hate this trend and i think it needs to  end in 2018

So my lovely readers these are some of the trends that i did  not like in 2017 and I wish they would stop. Do you think I am so unfair to hate them or not.

leave a comment down below and let me know what you think.





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