Yes my lovely readers , friends and new visitors. As you  may have  noticed i just changed my blog a bit and i hope you like it too. So today I am going to talk about a topic that I  have seen everywhere on social media on various blogs and You Tube.

Before I get into the blog I  would like to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New  Year to each one of you and I hope your festive season is going well. Most bloggers have started their blogmas editions which for sure I  have not because of my busy tight schedule which I am trying to manage as  much as I can at the moment. But I am going to make sure i try to upload at least 3 to 4 blogs a week , not promising anything but will try.

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So lets start;


To me a girl boss is someone who empowers other women and sets to achieve what she desires to have, an ambitious and self driven woman.

So I guess you are asking yourself how can I be a girl boss, how can i join this group of women. Well I have got some answers for you that might help.


When we wake up in the morning we all have a lot of things running in our minds and how to start the day. However, you need to shut that down and bring the positive vibes. This can be done by self feeding your mind with positivity, you can say things like today is going to be a good day., or I am beautiful , I am free, I am grateful. All these things may seem like just words but trust me they make a great difference to your mind when you say them. Now i know what might going on in your mind you are saying to yourself how is all this connected to being a #Girl boss. Well all i can say is that a girl boss must have a positive mind set, if you really want to be successful. So make it a point to make sure the words you say out of your mouth are only positive hencepositive outcome.


I f you want to be girl boss the word failure is not an option when things do not go the way you want, take it as a learning curve and understand what your obstacle was or is and work to make it better. Never look at yourself as a failure but an achiever.


To  achieve anything in life you  have to place yourself in a successful environment, an environment that inspires you to do more and achieve more. this is  something that all girl bosses do . So I must say be in the right place to have the right  working mind set.


Well we all know what our dreams in life are, and many people around us believe that dreams are things that we cannot achieve in life which for sure is not right. if you work towards your dreams you might be able  to make them reality.However. do not confuse your dreams with your goals.


Now that we are getting into a new year we know have to set our goals with things that we want to accomplish within the year. A girl boss will have her goals all set out and  ready to be tackled.If you want to be a girl boss you should for sure have your goals set, by writing a plan or talking about them with friends and family which will be a constant reminder each time they ask you about that goal that you shared with them.


This is something i talk about a lot , and always tend to tell everyone it does not matter how many friends you have, but what matter is the quality of friends that you surround your self with.. You will never yield positive with a negative environment. Girl bosses will always make sure to surround themselves with uplifting people not draining people.

So  their you have it these are the 6 ways you can be a #Girl Boss, their are a lot of articles videos and blogs about Girl bosses but i decided to make my own. I hope some of these really do help.

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One thing  i would like to say is that you can be anything in life run it how you want and be you.

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