Beauty is an amazing thing depending on your inner being. For me beauty  begins from within just like the old saying goes. No amount of make up can make you look beautiful if you don’t feel it from within. As a dark-skinned lady l have struggled to find the best products to match my skin tone especially due to the fact that high-end brands rarely do cater for dark skinned ladies. After sometime l finally managed to work my way through products to find what matches my skin. So ladies and gentlemen here are my top July pics that i think work so well for dark skinned girls.


These particular products work well for dark skinned girls lets say for me as a drak skinned girl. Matte Nude lipsticks are perfect forget about the saying that nudes “don’t work for dark-skinned” girls who said so in this pick i have the NYX lingerie lipstick and the primark matte lip stain  and the new loreal paris lip paint. Nars foundation is so luminous and works so well when applied to the skin it is full coverage as well so why not the only thing l can say its a bit pricey but hey you get what you pay for, the only thing is that this foundation makes me look orange l complement it with the darkening drops from the body shop to tame it down. Moving on to the the Valley powder from Nars this just makes the look more fabulous and nice looking for sure giving it a good finish. The Highlighter of the month is Sleek highlighter what amazing on it comes as contour kit great deal love it as you can tell l have used it so many times. The other products are the NYX eyebrow gel and the new lip paint form Loreal paris.

These are my top picks for july  and watch out for more, please feel free to go  and check them out if you can check out my channel as well.

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