Keeping your skin soft smooth and glowing in winter is something that everyone should do. During winter our skins tend to dry out and become really patchy and  a bit uncomfortable.

Hey my lovies whats up hope you doing fine . If you are in the UK you know what has been happening with the weather snow in some parts like London and rain in my area. But anyway regardless make sure to keep warm and cozy . Don’t go out unless you have to really get out of the house.

So back to the topic of skin in  winter. Of recent i have experienced a lot of dry lips and I was a little bit worried what was going on until i was told that in winter this tends to happen a lot. This made me think about everyone else out their who may be struggling with the same exact thing but they have no clue what to do, so I complied a list of products that will for sure help you keep your skin looking so amazing and hydrated.  So I am going to give you some of the best ways to keep your skin well hydrated in cold weather.


One thing we all forget to do is drink water during winter, we tend to instead go for cups of tea as we try to keep warm, but remember tea is very dehydrating. I have a blog on this topic . But the only way you can manage to keep your skin healthy is to try and drink as much water as you can or at least have  a balance between the teas and the water.


This is something I do quite often I  tend to try and keep my skin ready for the bad days when i feel so lazy to do anything . I  always do this at least once a week or twice if you want to have visible results. One of the best products I use is the L’Oreal Paris Skincare Detox Mask + Purity Mask + Glow Mask Junk Food Binge Multi-Masking Bundle 3 x 50ml. Masks  are a very good way to keep the skin in check and looking deathly

This is how the glow mask looks like on the outer packaging because it can get confusing with the other Loreal masks.Put into consideration this is a clay mask .



a) This mask is so amazing , the smell is so expensive , what i mean  is that the scent  is so classy and amazing.

b) The texture is so smooth and  the particles in the mask are not too big (fine) so its skin friendly.

c) It for sure brightens your skin after use and gives you a glow .

This mask is very affordable and for the price point and  i would really recommend you to get it . it will for sure amp your skin game.

This is an alternative to the Loreal Paris Clay Mask. If you are someone with Acne skin or you have trouble with your skin i would recommend this product it is a an exfoliate with really huge particles that will feel rough on the skin but smooth after wards. I love this product each time i use it, and when i do  omg my skin feels like i have just under gone  sugery. The only thing is that i did not buy it myself it was given to me but i love it i will try to look for the link but this is super.



Our skin is always in contact with different things in the environment and it gets a lot of toxins that clog the pores. So  dexoticifying the skin it helps keep the skin glowing. You do not have to go for something expensive I usually buy mine from amazon or from Savers uk. The mask i use is the Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Black Seaweed Peel – Off Masks, 10 ml. This will for sure give you a pay off leaving you looking a million times better. It cleanses and purify the skin. IMG_3797

I love this because it leaves the skin feeling so good . because of the sea salt, pressed sea buckthorn and harvested Laver seawed.

Another mask i would like to quickly mention is the BLACK DIAMOND  peel off mask . If you struggle with black heads this will help you a lot . If you have oily skin this will work for you so well. and it defines the skin . One thing i will say when i used it i did not feel so much of a difference until 10 minutes later. It impurities your skin. It is a bit expensive but a good catch.

IMG_3799.JPGIt is very runny thats why i tend to use a brush to apply it. I use the  MAKEUP REVOLUTION BRUSH SET , it helps with the application so well. I would recommend  this mask to anyone with Acne because it is really good it hurts when taking it off as well.



Okay when it comes to moisturising your skin i get a bit personal because for sure a lot of people do not feel the need to moisturise their skin like come one this the most important part of your physical body and skin care routine . If you do not moisturise your skin you are wasting your time. Any way enough of me getting mad lets get down to the real tea. The best way to moisture is by applying a bit of water to every moisturiser you use . This trick will lock in your moisture which will last a bit longer. MY best moisturiser is Baby oil . It is inexpensive and you can never go wrong with it . But before applying oil to your skin or face i love to use a moisture Mask  on my face. The mask I am so much in love  with is the Garnier Moisture Bomb Camomile Tissue Mask 32g Tissue Mask. You apply it for 15 minutes and your skin will glow the whole week trust me .


if you have dull skin i am telling you this is for you . After applying the mask i tend to go in and use my baby oil to lock in my product with ordinary baby oil. Which is the Johnson’s Baby Oil, 200 ml, Pack of 6


This is  my go to when i need to have that extra glow and everyone is like what are you using  and I am like “Baby oil” .


Now we all know people out their with crusty hands I am guilty and yes i get ashy hands too quite a lot especially during the winter in the cold. So i decided  to my self that this ashyness has to stop and  i started  investing in hand creams , I have  tried so many and when i say i know a good hand cream when i feel it and use it . The best hand cream i would recommend to anyone is the Garnier Hand Intensve 7 Days Shea Restoring Hand Cream 100ml if you have not used it what the hell are you waiting for. I thought i was being bias, by not trying out other  hand creams so i went out and tried other hand creams only to be disappointed. The way your Hands  feel when  you use this hand cream is magic. it leaves your hands feeling soft smoothed glowy i do not know what magic is in their but it works. This is so  intense and i love it


SO their you have it 4 simple ways to keep your skin healthy in  the winter time .

I would highly recommend you to try these products because  i have tried and tested them and yes they are amazing.

Always remember to take care of your skin no matter the weather.

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